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Please contact any of our Sales Representatives at Eich's! 
Tracy Eich Mueller (815) 676-3962
Derek Mueller (815) 436-3455

​A goal for businesses, big and small,

is often brand recognition.

How can you make your brand not only

stand out from the competition,

but also remain in the minds of customers,

both current and potential?

One way is to get creative with your marketing.​ 

By purchasing company t-shirts or

other apparel for your employees,

you will create a sense of team spirit. 

Company clothing is a great way to

self promote your business.

 If your company typically requires business suits, offer a “casual Friday” once a week where company t-shirts can be worn. In this way, your employees will feel more at ease and united with the company.

Eich's  guarantees that you will leave with a smile on you face and with the job done the way you want. 

Business Apparel